Glorious Gallan Song Video Download | Diljit Dosanjh Super Singh

Glorious Gallan Song Video Download Diljit Dosanjh

Zee Music Company presents brand new track from movie Super Singh. The song offers melody, please and every ingredient which can expect from contemporary romantic song. The song is sung by Diljit Dosanjh who is playing lead role in the movie. The actor is seen impressing videshi girl with his own antics. The composition is done by Jatinder Shah and lyrics are penned by Ranbir Singh. Download video song galorious galan in full hd quality and don’t forget to share your views after watching and listening the track.

Glorious Gallan Song Video Download Diljit Dosanjh

Glorious Gallan Song Video Download Diljit Dosanjh

Glorious Gallan Video Download

Song Title: Glorious Gallan
Singer/Artist: Diljit Dosanjh
Lyrics: Ranbir Singh
Music: Jatinder Shah
Video: Anurag Singh
Film Directed by: Anurag Singh
Music Label: Zee Music Company

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Glorious Gallan Song Lyrics

Chandi diyan vaaliyan
Gallan chumne nu kahli aan
Kare jaan jaan wink ni
Utton sangdiyan laaliyan (x2)

O mere hometown mundeya ch
charcha ho chala..

Glorious gallan (x4)

Rakhdi brown vaal
Chak chak ke
Hoya main shudai tera
Tak tak ke

Dil diyan khuli baitha
Tere layi main baariyan
Ik mann meri
Teri mannda main saariyan..

Rakh apna bana ke
Gal naal laake
I’m only your babe
Baaki rakh laare laake

Tera bolda asal
Kinna tere piche jhalla

Glorious gallan (x4)

Lakk nu swing maar
Angdi ae kol di
Tere bina sarda ni
Heartbeat bol di

Devaan main bracelet
Dil naal madd ke
Mangna chauni ae
Taan hi vekhe khad khad ke

Baahn ch baahn paa lai
Tu mood bana le
Baby just say yes
Main taan laavan layi aa kahla

Tu hath ta fada
Main fadd lunga aape palla…

Glorious gallan
Glorious gallan
Ni gol mol gallan
Glorious gallan

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